Royal Mail OBA Unavailable


Royal Mail have resolved the issue rendering OBA unavailable.

OBA has now been returned to full service.

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Royal Mail OBA is still unavailable while Royal Mail continue to investigate a technical issue that is preventing users from logging to their OBA account and create manifests/Sales Orders. Label generation is not affected.

No further updates are available from Royal Mail at this time.

Please continue to create Emergency Sales Orders here: to ship while the OBA service is unavailable.

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Royal Mail are continuing their investigation of the current issues with the OBA service and as of yet, do not have a further technical update.

Meanwhile, Royal Mail have asked that you create an Emergency Sales Order/Manifest if you need to dispatch parcels while OBA is unavailable.

You can create an Emergency Sales Order here:

For more information and help creating an Emergency Sales Order, please contact the OBA Helpdesk.

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Royal Mail are experiencing technical issues with their OBA (Online Business Account) service.

When trying to login to you may see a Service Temporarily Unavailable message from Royal Mail.

Your Royal Mail label production is not affected, however, you may receive an error when trying to create the days manifest/Sales Order Summary from your Shiptheory account.

Royal Mail are treating this as an emergency incident.

Shiptheory will attempt to automatically manifest your shipments on your behalf in the late evening.

For more information, please refer to the Royal Mail OBA site:

We will provide updates as we recieve them from Royal Mail.

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